Best beaches in Naxos

Best beaches in Naxos

Jun 14, 2023

Naxos boasts an array of picturesque shorelines that will captivate your senses and leave you yearning for more. In this travel guide, we will take you on a journey through the best beaches on the island of Naxos. Whether you are after relaxation, adventure, or simply a slice of paradise, Naxos has it all.



Located 8 km south of Chora, this sandy beach is partly organised. it is one of the most popular beaches on the island. The beach is surrounded by sand dunes and has some beautiful clear waters.

Agios Prokopios


Located 5km south west from the main chora, this family friendly beach is organised with sun beds, umbrellas and snacks. The beach is earned the Blue flag for clean waters, and has been voted one of the best beaches in Greece.

Agia Anna


Located 6km from the main town and is one of the busiest beaches on the island of Naxos.

The beach is well organised and has plenty of tavernas and food options. As its part of a resort the beach is well connected via public transport.

The beach is sandy and has warm turquoise waters.

Mikri Vigla


Located 12km's south of the main town, the golden sandy beach has very clam waters .

The beach is organised so sun beds and umbrellas are available for rent along with a variety of food options.

Agios Georgios


Located 2km's from the chora,  is a well organised beach that is made up fo golden sand. It is a long beach with crystal waters.

The beach is one of the largest on the island so you wont have trouble finding a spot of you own on the beach.



Located 19km's south of the main village and is partly organised. But be quick as the sun beds and umbrellas for rent vanish very quickly.

The crystal clear waters of the beach are very shallow so its great for families with kids!

There are food options as well around the beach serving cold drinks and Greek dishes.



A very secluded beach that sits 42km's from chora so a car will be needed to visit this beach.

The beach is close to the Tower of Agia. As it sits in a cove the beach is protected by the wind so it is a great spot when Naxos is windy.

Getting to the beach isnt straight forward so make sure you wear proper shoes so you are able to get to the beach.

The beach is not organised, so make sure to take everything you need for the days trip!

Psili Ammos


Located 45km's from the main village is a long sandy non-organised beach which is close to the port of Moutsouna.

The beach is great for families, but remember to bring your umbrella and towels!



Located 15km from chora, Kastraki in Naxos is located between Mikri Vigla (Sahara) and Glyfada beaches.

The beach is made of fine golden sand and the shore extends out for 3km's, so the beach is great for kids to play and swim in all day.

The beach is non-organised so you will need to bring everything you need for the day.

The water is clean making this beach a great day for the family.

The wind is subject to wind, so before out to the beach, check the weather!



This long beach thats stretches for 4km's is located 7km's from the main village.

The beach is organised so umbrellas and sun beds are available for renting. The crystal clear waters a failry shallow, but there is a drop as you go further out.

The beach is perfect for snorkelling, and is also known for having several of the unique eye-shells of Naxos.