Best Coffee Shops In Athens

Best Coffee Shops In Athens

Oct 01, 2023

The coffee scene in Greece is an ever changing thing. Frappe's used to be the go to coffee drink, then the introduction of the Freddo (espresso and cappuccino) made its way into the everyday life of the Greeks.

As Greek roasters began to pop-up the scene changed again, to what we are seeing now.

Coffee shops are still serving the usual Freddo Espresso and Freddo Cappuccino, but now we are seeing the Australian coffee invention, the Flat White, along with the Piccolo and Cortado, making their way in to the Greek Coffee scene.

The Greek barista's are showing off their skills as are the coffee roasters, which have brought a new lease of life to the coffee scene, especially here in Athens.

These specialty coffee shops look and feel like your typical shop in any major coffee loving city like New York, Sydney or Melbourne, focusing solely on their coffee.

Even though coffee is the main focus, these coffee shops do offer food in the form of swirls, croissants and Mortadella sandwiches on sour dough.

Below is our list of what we think are some of the best coffee shops in Athens.

Foyer Espresso Bar

Originally located in the centre of Athens, the guys from Foyer Espresso Bar have moved their coffee shop to the suburb of Pagrati.

The barista here knows how to make a good coffee, and is the only place I have come across in Athens that serves my favourite winter time coffee - the Piccolo.

Their main focus is on their coffee but they do offer a small selection of cakes

All you need to know about Foyer Espresso bar can be found here:


Motiv has 2 locations, their first location opened in Exarchia and opened their newish venture in Pagrati. Their coffee is delicious and to top it off, they bake their own pastries and breads.

Their barista makes delicious coffee and some great food to match! For us here, we think their Flat white is one of the best in the area!

Their instagram showcases everything you need to know about Motiv:

Black Bear

Black bear reminds us of the cafes in Sydney or London. Serving great coffee, and their food is on point. Serving Açai bowls, avocado on toast, wraps, muffins and a great espresso shot, Black bear is one of those places, that if you picked it up and placed it in Melbourne or New York, they would fit right in to that cities coffee scene.

Check out their instagram for their epic coffee and food:

Taf Coffee

One of the OG's in the coffee scene in Athens. Located on the edge of the city centre and Exarchia, Taf Coffee is pure coffee.

They only serve coffee, nothing else, and they take it seriously.

Taf supplies a lot of cafes around the country with their coffee, so you are able to have a latte in winter or a freddo espresso in summer, powered by their coffee blends.

Here is their instagram to show you how serious they are about their coffee:

Flat White Artisan Cafe

Located on a busy Athenian street is Flat White. As you can imagine, they serve a delicious Flat white! They have a good selection of wraps, including Vegan options.

The staff are great and very happy to help you with any questions you have. If you are in or around the Acropoli / Koukai area of Athens, Flat White is well worth the visit.

Flat Whites Instagram for everything you need to know:

Link Bar

Another addition to the Pagrati area and the new kid on the block (as of writing this blog, Link Bar has been opened for around 2 weeks).

Serving some great coffee, to match their equally beautiful fit out. Their food menu looks nice as well serving wraps, burgers and some cake slices.

Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Link bar Instagram:


Located just a short walk from the Acropolis Museum sits Fika. A small coffee shop that serves a great flat white coffee, espresso and cappuccino.

They bake all their own pastries and breads in house, so their selection of sandwiches and pastries are vast and tasty.

Everything you need to know about Fika can be found here:

So if you are looking for a change from the standard Greek Coffee choices, take a visit to some of the above coffee shops. You may just have the best flat white of your life!