Mar 15, 2023

The small greek island of Antipaxos, also known as Antipaxi sits 3km south of Paxos and is the gem of the Ionian islands. Accessed from Paxos, Antipaxos offers a trip back in time as the island has been mostly kept as natural as possible. During the winter months the island is almost completely uninhabited but becomes a popular destination of the Ionian Sea.

How to get to Antipaxos

Antipaxos is accessible via boat from Paxos and Corfu.

Arriving from Corfu: The journey to Paxos will take 1 hour and 30 minutes. Once at Paxos you will need to get another boat that will take you to Antipaxos.

Arriving from Paxos: Leaving from port Gaios the taxi boats will take 15-20 minutes. The price of the ticket is €15.

If you fancy hiring your own boat to get to Antipaxos, this option is available from port Lakka. The price of your own boat starts from €60. This will allow you to explore this small greek island at your own pace. Make sure to pack some food and drink for the journey!


Antipaxos is known for their crystal clear waters that have been said to be on par with the Caribbean. The eastern part of the island hosts the nicest beaches and will have everything you need to enjoy the blue waters.

Antipaxos Beach

Vrika beach: The sandy large and most famous beach on the island is organised with sun beds and umbrellas to rent. For food, there are tavernas that serve traditional Greek food while relaxing in the sun.

Meso Vrika beach: The little brother to Vriak beach, is accessed via a small path from Vrika. As its not easily accessible the beach is not organised and is less crowded. In saying that boats do come in and out of the beach with their patreons to swim in the turquoise waters.

Voutoumi beach: The wild beach of Antipaxos. Its off the beaten track from Vrika beach. The beach is surrounded with the typical Greek vegetation, white sand and the bluest of waters. There are 2 tavernas near the beach if you can handle a smallish walk. Take about 200 steps from the beach and you will find Bella Vista tavern.

Island Transport

The best way to see the island is by boat. It will give you the opportunity to see more of the island and its spectacular beaches and coves.

Where to eat

Spyros: Located on the northern end of the island Spyros serves seafood and traditional Greek food.

Bella Vista: Also located at the northern end of Antipaxos serves traditional Greek food with a spectacular view

Beach Bar and Restaurant Voutoumi: Located at Voutoumi beach serving large delicious portions for Greek seafood, meats and dips. The view is not too bad either!

Things to do

The best thing to do on this small Greek island is to beach hop. Take the boat taxi and explore the island and discover your own piece of paradise by visiting the blue caves of the island. Snorkelling around the coves and beaches of this beautiful island is a must.

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