Discover Pserimos Island. A small Greek island you have never heard of

Discover Pserimos Island. A small Greek island you have never heard of

Jun 27, 2023

Pserimos, the tiny Greek island that no one has heard of. The island sits just off the coasts of Kalymnos and Kos and belongs to the dodecanese islands.

With a population of around 100 people, the island sees an influx in people during summer, as visitors from the surrounding islands arrive by ferry to swim in the crystal clear waters and indulge in the local dishes.


How to get to Pserimos Greece

The island is accessed via a 55 minute boat ride from either Kalymnos or Kos islands. You will arrive into the port of Avlakia, this is the main and only village of the island.

Getting around the island of Pserimos

As there are no cars on the island, most people get around the island by foot. You are able to organise a boat trip to take you around the island, allowing you to visit the the island's beautiful beaches and islets.

Best Beaches on Pserimos Greece

Bay of Vathy

As there are no cars on the island, you will have to hike to this beach. But it will be worth it. The waters are clear and the beach is made up of tiny pebbles.

The beach is not organised so you will have to bring all your belongings for the day.


Located right at the port, the beach has some umbrellas and trees for shade.

The beach is full of tiny pebbles and rocks that make up the beach,so remember to bring some shoes!

As the beach is in the main village of the island, there are some local tavernas where you can eat and drink, so you will not have to search to fill your bellies.

Things to do in Pserimos Greece

The best thing to do on the island, is to do what the locals do. Swim all day in crystal clear waters, sample the fish and capers, which is a local dish of this Greek island, and just relax.

As Pserimos is a small island there really isn't much to do besides relax and enjoy the islands beautiful beaches.

Best of Pserimos Food

After you have been swimming in the Aegean Sea and have worked up a hunger there are 2 main dishes of the island you must try. The fresh fish and capers is a must, along with the braised lamb with pasta.

There are also plenty of olive trees on the island, so their oil is perfect with a Greek salad.

All of the tavernas are located at the port so you will not have to travel far once you hop off from your boat ride from Kos and Kalymnos.

Useful information

There are no cash points / ATM's on the island so remember to take cash with you when visiting the island.