Discover the Best Greek Craft beer and Taprooms

Discover the Best Greek Craft beer and Taprooms

May 08, 2023

Put down the ouzo and tsipouro! The Greek beer scene is alive and kicking. The once forgotten breweries have been brought back to life and the old faithfuls are getting stronger every year. The last few years has also seen the microbrewery and craft beer scene carve its own niche within not only throughout Greece but the world.


When we talk about Greek beer we usually talk lager. When travelling Greece you will be give the usuals, Mythos, Alfa and Fix. But over the years some new additions have been popping up on beer menus. Mamos, Vergina and Zeos beers have crawled there way on to these lists providing a wider range for the Greek Lager scene.


The pick of the above bunch is either an ice cold Mammos or a Vergina. Nothing beats an ice cold glass beer while sitting on the beach.


The Athenian beer community is an ever growing one. As more and more options are becoming available more bars and taprooms are opening up throughout the city. Here are a list of tap rooms where you can sample some delicious tasting beers.

Barley Cargo

Located in the centre of Athens sitting on Kolokotroni Street, Barley Cargo offers a hige range of Greek beers - 70 in total. IF they are still serving the beer from Tripoli, I would highly recommend it!

Serving: The Tripoli, Imperial State aged in Bourbon barrel and the Siren Call Imperial Mediterranean Porter!

To get an idea of what they are serving check out their facebook page:

Strange Brew

Originally brewing out of the Ancient City of Sparta (now called Laconiki), Strange Brew brews out of several locations across Greece. Their location is Athens displays the their range of beers.

Their tap room is always adding new additions, so go and visit them in the Athenian suburb of Koukaki.

Serving: Here comes the Sun Weisse Beer, Lots of Ideas DDH Neipa, Dr Haze Jasmine IPA and the Mandy Black 


Their details can be found on their website.


Koukaki might as well be called the beer suburb of Athens. Located not to far from Strange Brew, Strakastrüka boasts a great variety of beers, not only from Greece but from around the world. Coupled with great music and the staff, this place will not disappoint!

Serving: New England IPA called Kyria Toula, The Ultimate Milkshake IPA and the Cookie Monster Russian Imperial Stout. To name but a few!

They dont have a website but use the following link to find your way there: Google Maps Directions

Blame the Sun


Blame the Sun located in... YUP you guessed it, good old Koukaki, is a taproom that has some great craft beers from around Greece and also has some international craft beers on their menu.

It is a hole in the wall with some outside leaning and sitting.

Serving: Tropical Ale, La Felicita (Italian Pilsner), Sail Away IPA (Must try!) and of course the Hellas Larger!

While doing your craft beer crawl around Koukaki, and this place to your list. You wont be disappointed!

Check them out here


Located in the suburb of Psyrri Tapfield has a wide taproom providing beers all across the world, highlighting the craft beer world. They have 23 taps serving the best Greek nectar. Go visit this place, you wont regret it.

Serving: Hawkings Hops - Ultra Hopped IPA, True Blue - Aussie IPA, Clony - Coffee and Maple Porter

Their information can be found on their Facebook page

Tales of Ales

Another taproom sitting in the suburb of Psyrri / Monastiraki, Tales of Ales serves a wide range of international craft beers and 30 labels of Greek beer. They are known for having peculiar beers on tap. If you like your stouts, their Pastry Stout is great!

Serving: Whats under the Jacket - Triple Neipa, Taos Brewing - Sauvignon IRA, Mother Bridget - Imperial NEIPA and the Hop Hooligans - Firestrata Single hop

All of their information can be found here

We will be adding to this list of taprooms and breweries frequenlty so do check back while we give our livers a workout!