Discover the island of Serifos: The complete island travel guide

Discover the island of Serifos: The complete island travel guide

Jun 25, 2023

The rugged island of Serifos (not Sifnos, although both islands are very close to each other), is part of the famous group of Cycladic islands.

Off the beaten track for most tourist, Serifos boast being one of the most traditional Greek island in the Cyclades. The island is known for having untamed beauty, natural landscapes and great beaches.

When you arrive at Serifos you will notice how calm and peaceful the island is. The tourist trail has definitely missed this island!


While exploring the island you will notice the classic Greek island architecture of whitewashed houses with blue frames and the small pebble streets.

If you are looking for a laid back and calm getaway, then Serifos island is for you!

How to get to Serifos Greece

By Ferry:

The only way you can get to Serifos is by ferry. You can catch the ferry from Piraeus port in Athens. You will arrive to the port of Livadi in 2 hours by high speed ferry or 4 hours by the larger ferries.


Getting around the island of Serifos

The best option is to bring a car with you on the ferry from Athens. This will help you explore the island.

There is public transport in form of a bus. The buses routes take you up and down the mountain to the main chora. The buses also leave Livadi for some of the closer villages on the island. The bus timetable can be found here to help you plan your days.

Things to do in Serifos

Visit the Cave of Koutalas (Cyclops Throne)

Also know as the Cave of Cyclops, the caves are located to the west of Koutalas beach, on the southwestern part of Serifos island. As there is fear that the cave may collapse the caves cannot be explored at the present time.

It is said that the caves were a place of worship for the inhabitants that lived on the island around 2 million years ago.

On top of this the myth of the throne is that it was the home of the mythical creature Cyclops.

This is one part of Greek Mythology that Serifos can claim, and is not well known by tourists.


Grias Castle - The White tower

Located in Koutalas, the castles name translates to castle of the Woman. The castle has been built on top of a view with a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea.

A circular white marble building that dominates the skyline above the Bay of Koutalas. Dated to the 4th century BC it was built as a lookout to protect the island. The tower once stood at over 10 meters high. Now it stands at 5.


The best part of the tower is the hilltop view you get once you visit this site. It is one of the most beautiful spots on the island.

Church of Agios Konstantinos

Sitting a top of the main town, the church has a picturesque view of the Aegean Sea.

Monastery of Taxiarches

Located at the northern part of the island in Platis Gialos. The monastery has a unique look as it resembles a fortress instead of the church.

The church has some beautiful murals that represent the fight of the Archangel against the Dragon of the Revelation.

Best beaches in Serifos

Coralli Sea Side Resort


Located next to the port, the resort is very well organised and offers food, drinks, sunbeds and music all day long. The waters are crystal blue and very clean, perfect for swimming!

Megalo Livadi 


Located 10km's south west of chora, and offers the (sometimes) much needed protection from the wind that the island sometimes gets hit by.

The beach is sandy but is not organised. But dont fear there are plenty of large trees that line the shoreline so you will be able to find shade!



Located just a little further down from Megalo Livadi beach, this beach boasts some of the most pristine waters on the island. The fact that the beach is sandy as well, makes this a popular beach.

The beach is not organsied, so you will need to bring your own umbrella. Also you will need to plan what to do for food and drinks. Most people come to the beach with their coffee and spanakopita, stay at the beach for a while, then drive to  tavernas close by.

Psili Ammos


Located 8km's north east from the port, is a sandy beach that is not organsied. The beach has perfect blue waters, and with a shallow coastline makes it perfect for families to swim.

Even thought the beach is not organised, there are large trees that provide shelter from the sun. The beach does have a few tavernas close by, but keep in mind that they do get very busy during the summer months.

Kalo Ampeli 


Located 7km's from the port, this 45km coastline boasts 4 bays, Kalo Ampeli being one of them. The beach is very remote, based on the difficulty of not only getting to the beach, but also finding it!

The beach is sandy, has great swimming water, but is not organised and does not have any trees for cover. So best bring your umbrella with you!

The best way to get to this beach is to go by boat, you wont be disappointed! Make sure this beach is on your list for 2023!

It really is one of the most pristine beaches on Serifos.

Best things to see on the island of Sifnos

Besides beach hopping through Serifos one of the best things to do is to go up to chora late in the afternoon and stroll through the small winding streets. Along the way you will find some great spots to each and drink, especially in the small platia (square).

Where to eat & drink on Serifos

Kalis Seafood

Located in Livadi, this restaurants serves up traditional Greek seafood. Their ingredients are all locally produced and their dishes follow the traditional Cycladic taste and presentation.

Chrysoloras Winery

Located in Flaskos, the winery boasts being the only one on the island. It uses all natural wine making processes creating wines from a locally produced grape.

Gaidaros Bar

This is the bar where all of the locals go to drink and eat. They have a great cocktail list and have a large beer and wine selection as well.

Marathoriza Restaurant

This restaurants has been running since 2013, with the owner cooking all of the food day in day out. The place serves up great meze which goes well with their selection of raki and tsipouro.

Barbarossa cafe

If coffee and pastries are what you are after, then this cafe located in chora is perfect! At night the cafe turns into a bar serving up some great rum cocktails.

Hotels & Accommodation in Serifos


Coco-Mat Eco Residences

This 3 star hotel is located in the village of Vagia. The rooms range from 2-5 guest villas and boasts being right on the shoreline providing a great view of the Aegean Sea.

The hotel has its own beach and provides umbrellas and sunbeds for guests.

Pénde Villas

Located in Livadakia, these villas are only a 80m walk to the livadi beach. The villas have a great view of the beach, which you can view from your large terrace.