Changing of the Guard - The Greek EVZONES

Changing of the Guard - The Greek EVZONES

Jan 20, 2023

When it comes to the most iconic symbols of Greek culture, the Evzones immediately come to mind. These elite ceremonial guards of Greece's Presidential Mansion have a fascinating history and tradition that is steeped in symbolism and significance.


The Evzones, also known as the Presidential Guard, have been a part of Greek history since the early 19th century. Their origins can be traced back to the klephts, a group of warriors who fought against Ottoman rule during the Greek War of Independence.

The klephts were known for their distinctive uniforms, which featured a fustanella, a traditional Greek skirt made of many pleats. After Greece gained independence, the klephts were transformed into a ceremonial guard unit known as the Evzones.

The name "Evzones" is derived from the Greek word "evzone," which means "well-dressed" or "well-groomed." The Evzones were responsible for guarding the Presidential Mansion and participating in official ceremonies. The Evzones' distinctive uniform, which includes the fustanella, a white shirt, a red fez, and a pair of clogs, is steeped in symbolism.

The fustanella symbolizes the freedom and independence of Greece, while the red fez represents the blood shed by the klephts during the War of Independence. The clogs, called tsarouchia, are adorned with large pom-poms and are said to symbolize the sound of the klephts' footsteps as they fought against the Ottomans.


One of the most iconic elements of the Evzones' tradition is their dance, known as the Tsamiko. The dance, which is performed by the Evzones during official ceremonies, is said to have originated from the dance of the klephts. It is a slow, measured dance that is characterized by its distinctive footwork, which involves a series of steps and stamps.

The Tsamiko is a symbol of Greek national identity and is performed to the accompaniment of traditional music. It is a difficult dance to master, and Evzones must undergo rigorous training to perfect the steps and stamps.


The Evzones are an integral part of Greek culture and history. They are a symbol of freedom, independence, and national identity, and their distinctive uniform and traditional dance are steeped in symbolism and significance.

If you ever have the chance to visit Athens and see the guard change ceremony at the Presidential Mansion, don't miss the opportunity to witness these elite guards in action.

The history of the Evzones is a rich tapestry of tradition, culture, and pride. They are an important part of Greece's national identity and their ceremonial duties are a symbol of Greece's resilience and strength.