Mar 20, 2023

The ruins of ancient Greece stand tall under clear blue skies, while the Aegean Sea washes against the seemingly endless coastline. The country's vibrant culture is reflected in its passionate music, delectable cuisine, and adventurous activities.

Before you set off for you trip in Greece we have put together some quick facts about the country, when to visit important days and regions that make up Greece the country.


Language: National language is Greek. English is spoken through the major cities and islands.

Currency: The Euro €

Card vs Cash: Both are accepted but in more recent times card is slowly taking over. American Express cards are hard to use throughout Greece

Major Cities: Athens (the capital), Thessaloniki

Power plug: European 220v two-prong


Safety in Greece: Greece as a whole is a very safe country. As with any travel always have your wits about you and if something is too good to be true, then walk away!

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Best time to travel to Greece

If a hot summer by the sea is your choice then July through to September is the best time to travel to Greece. As this is peak season expect large crowds at the most popular island and higher prices.

March - June and October-January are great times to visit Greece. March - June the weather is warming up and the country is not yet crowded.

If a colder experience is what you are after then look towards the end of the year. If skiing in Greece is your thing, then February will be the best time of year.

Important Holidays in Greece

February / March: The Carnival: Greek Carnival, or Apokries is a major event in the Greek calendar. Its the lead up to easter and festivals are held all throughout Greece. More information can be found in article on Carnival here.

25th March: Oxi day: Oxi day is a national holiday in Greece. Its the day during World War 2 the Greeks said NO to Italy, who wanted Greece to surrender to them. By saying oxi, Greece entered the war.

August 15: If you happen to be in Greece on this day take part in the Panagia. Its a national holiday where every town, island and city celebrates. Its roots are religious based and festivals are held all over Greece (which can last up to 2 days).

28th October: Independence Day. A national holiday for Greece that represents their Independnce from 400 years of Ottoman rule.

Visiting different regions of Greece

For a guide on different regions in Greece, why not click on our list below to help you decide where to visit.

Regions in Greece to visit:

 Keep checking back as our list will be constantly updated with new places to visit, islands to explore and new restaurants and bars to sample.