8 Traditional Greek Dishes - You may not know, but need to try!

8 Traditional Greek Dishes - You may not know, but need to try!

May 03, 2023

When we say traditional Greek food, we don't mean popular Greek dishes like your souvlaki or Greek salad - we mean dishes, that when you taste them you will look at those "popular" taverna dishes and just laugh.

We have put together a list of traditional Greek dishes that probably go under the radar. Maybe because they do not pop out at you on a menu, or they take a bit of investigating to find that one place that sells them.

So here we go!



Pronounced "gah-lah-TOH-pee-tah", which translates to milk pay is made from milk, eggs, sugar, and either semolina or cornstarch. It is a delicious dish and is a must try!



Push the tzatziki aside and try this cheesy, spicy dish. Made from feta cheese, chilli, roasted peppers, Greek yogurt, Extra virgin Olive oil and garlic.

If you like a bit of spice then tirokafteri is for you. Either spreading it on some pita bread or over your meat, it goes down a treat!



This slow cooked meat dish is made of of lamb organs and is wrapped in the intestines. It doesn't sound great but this dish is beautiful. It is marnated with herbs and slowly cooked on a spit. Its best eaten with some tzatziki (yes you're allowed this time!) and some lemon.



A dessert that has to be made when the humidty is right and the sun is shining. The reason for these particular weather events is so that the dough can be stretched out and left to rise.

The dish is a made with a dough that is sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. The pastry is ripped in to shreds and then the sweetness is applied. It is a dish from the small island of Kastelorizo and boy are they proud of it!

Retsina Wine


Known as the cheap Greek wine of decades gone by, the brand has made a huge comeback and is again being seen in most tavernas. If you see it on the wine list, have a glass (or three) as I am sure you will be surprised!

Walnut Baklava 


Everyone knows pistachio baklava, but have you tried the walnut version?

Well this is a dessert you must try. It is found in almost all cake shops in Athens, but it wasn't until a local showed me this version that I vow never to eat a pistachio baklava again!



This dish is a speciality that comes from the island of Santorini. Made mostly from tomatoes, feta cheese, onion and flour (with additional herbs) these balls pack a punch and are a great substitue for the traditional Greek meatballs.



One of the most popular snacks while drinking your coffee, is the Pasteli. It is a sesame snack that is coated in honey or sugar.

It is delicious and great to eat while roaming the streets of Athens, Santorini or wherever you may be!