Milos Travel Guide: Our Island Guide & Best Places to Visit

Milos Travel Guide: Our Island Guide & Best Places to Visit

Apr 29, 2023

Nestled in the southernmost region of the Cyclades island group, Milos is a volcanic Greek island that boasts a strikingly beautiful landscape. The island's geological origins have gifted it with vibrant colours and over 40 stunning beaches along its coastline.

Melos (how the Greeks know it as) island is renowned for its fascinating history and awe-inspiring volcanic scenery. From the lunar-like Sarakiniko to the Louvre's prized Venus de Milo, Milos offers plenty of unbelievable sights. Due to a tourist explosion over the past few years the island has transformed and now offers new luxury accommodation, a every growing restaurant scene, and charming waterfront bars.

The island of Milos has emerged as one of the most coveted vacation destination in the Mediterranean.

How to Get There?

Milos Greece is conveniently accessible by a plane ride from Athens, as well as by ferry from Piraeus port in Athens and numerous other islands.

Located in the Cyclades makes it a easy destiantion to get to from islands such as, Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, and Naxos.

Flighing to Milos

Reaching Milos requires taking a domestic flight from Athens since the island's airport only serves national flights. The airport is situated approximately 10km away from Plaka, the island's capital, and 5km away from Adamas, the primary port. You can access the airport by taxi, car, or bus.

Additionally, helicopter transfers are now available for those flying from Athens to Milos!

A Ferry to Milos

Ferry services are available for those who wish to travel to Milos from Athens and other destinations such as Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, and Serifos.

Throughout the year, ferries depart from the port of Piraeus, with an increase in frequency during the summer months. Additionally, a year-round conventional ferry departing from the port of Lavrio is the most economical choice, although it takes approximately 15 hours to reach the island.

Milos island is well-connected to other Cycladic islands and Crete via numerous ferry routes. It is a great island to take a boat  and go island hopping.

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Best things to Do on Milos

The Caves of Milos

Kleftiko caves, Papafragas cave and Sarakiniko are the most popular destinations when you are talking about Milos caves. Sarakiniko may not be a cave as such but it almost lunar arched landscape feels like you are walking through caves.

To visit most of these caves and more, you will need to take a boat to access them while sailing around the Aegean sea.

We offer private and group boat and yacht tours around the picturesque island of Milos. To book your tour view our Boat tour offerings.

The Catacombs of Milos

Located southwest of the village of Tripiti, the catacombs stand 150 meters above sea level and require a steep ascent to reach.

The catacombs of Milos represent a significant archaeological discovery on the island. These underground tombs were first uncovered in 1844, and experts estimate they were constructed in the late 1st century AD.

Once used as Christian burial grounds during the Roman period, the catacombs are comprised of three interconnected chambers. As you progress towards the death chamber, the hallways gradually decrease in height. Along the sides of the hallways, visitors can observe 5 to 7 intricately carved graves.

On average, the hallways span approximately 200 meters in length.

Constructed by early Christians, the catacombs were dug out of solid volcanic rock, a challenging feat that underscores the strength and determination of those who created them.

These catacombs were considered an ideal hiding spot for Christians fleeing persecution by the Romans, making the location a strategic choice for those seeking refuge.

Ancient Theatre of Milos

Located on a gentle slope beneath the charming village of Tripiti, the Ancient Theatre is an open-air marble theatre that has been reasonably well-preserved over the years, despite some minor damage since it was originally constructed during the Hellenistic period. In addition to the theatre and the nearby historical catacombs, it provides a spectacular view of the Aegean Sea and Klima village's harbour.

For safety and conservation reasons, the Ancient Theatre was closed from the late 1990s until 2016. Now, it is once again available to host theatre performances and other cultural events that are not to be missed! The theater has limited external amenities, so if you plan on attending a show there, it is strongly advised that you come prepared in advance.


Klima, a charming fishing village, is a must-see destination on the island of Milos, despite having fewer than 20 permanent residents. It is located on one side of the Gulf of Milos and is close to the village of Tripiti.

The settlement of Klima has a rich history dating back to the 7th century BC when it was first settled by Dorians. Because of its location on the seafront and its port, Klima was an essential centre for commerce and development during ancient times. Although the original settlement of Klima was eventually abandoned, there are still traces of its ancient past in the area, including the Hellenistic Ancient Theatre and the Catacombs of Milos, which are located a short distance from the village.

What makes Klima particularly popular is its iconic boat houses, known as syrmata. These traditional two-level houses were once used by local fishermen in the previous century. Nowadays, most of them have been meticulously restored and converted into comfortable lodging for tourists. Staying in a syrmata means you can have the sea at your doorstep and experience the romantic ambiance of the village. Due to their small size and unique atmosphere, these houses are particularly popular among couples looking for a cozy getaway in Milos.

The islands best sunset from Kastro

Visiting Kastro you'll find the best place to see the best sunsets on the island. The sunset rivals the ones witnessed in Santorini. 

Perched atop the Plaka village, which is the capital of Milos, lies Kastro, the island's former old town. The name Kastro, which means castle, was derived from the Venetian castle that once stood in the area. The castle walls' remnants can still be seen today by those who climb the hill to reach the top. Due to its elevated position, it served as an ideal lookout spot for detecting possible enemy and pirate attacks.

There are several paths to choose from when ascending to the top of Kastro, and while it may take some time to reach the summit, the breathtaking view is well worth the effort. Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire island and its spectacular beaches, particularly during sunset, which adds to the already magical scenery.

How to Get Around Milos


To see everything on the island its best to hire a car. With the popularity of the island relying on taxi's or the bust service could mean you may miss out on that one beautiful beach you have to visit. 

If you are catching a ferry to Milos from Athens its best to rent a car in Athens and take in the ferry to Milos. If you choose to hire a car on Milos, its best to book this in advanced as during summer it will be hard to find car rentals during this peak time of the year.

Milos’ beautiful beaches and bays revealed by boat

One of the best ways to see the best beaches and sea caves throughout the island is to take a boat tour around the island. Its is truly the best way to see Kleftiko and the amazing rock formations the island has.

Here at Volta Tours we are in partnership with Odysseus A. Yacht Cruises we offer a unique range of private and group boat tours around Milos island. 

We have packages that appeal to everyone. From a half day group tour around the island of Milos to private full day luxury catered yacht tours.

Whatever you are after, we will be to offer you the best experience Milos has to offer.

Sail Luxury Catamaran cruise trip

10 hours of pure bliss in the arms of Nature, this tour will take you around the island of Milos including Kleftiko and Poliegos.

Cruise to Kleftiko and Sikia Cave in luxury

A semi-private tour, you will visit three of the most beautiful spots to swim – Kalogries sandy beach, Sikia Cave, and the famous Kleftiko spot.

On our way to this magical cruise, we will also meet the multicolour rocks of Cave Vani, the Bear Rocks, and many more attractive spots around Milos island

Speed boat Saxdor 32 GTO

We sail together for the Round Trip of Milos and Poliegos (Blue Lagoon)! We choose five of the most beautiful spots to swim. Sikia Cave, famous Kleftiko spot, Gerakas sandy beach, the Blue Lagoon of Poliegos Island and the White Rocks of Sarakiniko. On our way to this magical cruise, we will also meet the multicolour rocks of Cape Vani, the Bear Rocks and many more.

To book one of the above boat tours or if you are after a private boat tour, visit our Cruise and Yatch packages page to see all of our tour options.

Best beaches on Milos

Sarakiniko beach


Sarakiniko Beach, situated only five kilometers from the picturesque town of Plaka, is undoubtedly the most renowned shoreline on Milos Island, thanks to its uncommon geological features that leave every visitor mesmerised. Located in the northern part of Milos, a 10-minute drive from Adamas port, Sarakiniko is a breathtaking sight that's frequently used as a backdrop for photography sessions.

The beach has a unique lunar landscape that sets it apart from any other shoreline in Greece, characterised by smooth, white rocks with horizontal layering that are awe-inspiring to behold. Its formation is highly unusual, featuring numerous caves that are easily accessible with the help of a flashlight. Sarakiniko's distinctive shape is primarily due to fossil layering and some volcanic eruptions, while its name is said to have come from the Saracen pirates who once used the caves as a hideout.



Kleftiko, situated on the southeastern tip of Milos, is undoubtedly one of the island's most famous and visited attractions. It's composed of massive volcanic rocks that have been shaped by thousands of years of erosion caused by the wind and waves, resulting in three small bays. Because of its distinctive shape, Kleftiko is often referred to as the "Meteora of the Sea," evoking the unique landscape of the famous

Greek monasteries. Moreover, there are numerous caves that are accessible by boat or swimming, adding to the allure of this already mesmerising location.

The captivating beauty of Kleftiko lies not in its sandy shores, but rather in the majestic rocky landscape that surrounds it. Although the beach may be small and scarce of sand, its crystalline turquoise waters provide a refreshing haven for swimming, snorkelling, and diving. Exploring the numerous caves in the area is another fascinating activity, accessible by boat or by swimming.

Kleftiko's seclusion means that it is only accessible by boat. Visitors can join daily our cruises, either directly to the beach or as part of a tour around the island.

For a more personalised experience, renting a private boat is also an option. These boat trips provide an opportunity to combine a visit to Kleftiko with other popular landmarks, such as the nearby Sykia cave. 

Tsigrado beach


This beach is not for the faint hearted. It is regarded as one of the best beaches in Milos and is one of the busiest beaches during summer.

To get there, it is best to approach the beach by boat as the trek down the beach consists of an uneven rocky pathway between 2 rocks, then a massive wooden ladder. If you can handle the ascent down it really is a beautiful beach to spend the day.

The beach is sandy / rocky, it is not organised so bring everything you need for the day and while swimming you can find some great sea caves to swim through.

Firiplaka beach

Firiplaka beach is located on the southern coast of the island and is a sight to behold. With its shimmering silver sand and turquoise waters, the beach is surrounded by unique volcanic cliffs that create a magnificent scenery. This location is also protected from strong winds, which is perfect for families with young children.

Firiplaka beach is divided into two parts, an organised and non-organised section. The organised section offers rental of sun-beds and umbrellas, as well as a canteen where visitors can order drinks and snacks to enjoy by the sea.

For those who prefer a more private setting, a tranquil spot can be found by walking a bit further down the beach.

Agia Kiriaki beach


Located on Milos' south coast, gia Kyriaki beach is situated just 9 kilometers away from Adamantas, the main port of the island, and is in close proximity to Paleochori. The journey to the beach is straightforward, with only a small section of dirt road to navigate. Visitors can drive all the way to the beach, eliminating the need for any walking. Upon arrival, ample parking space is available.

gia Kyriaki beach features shallow water, allowing swimmers to venture out quite far. While the seabed starts with a few pebbles, it transitions into sand as one goes deeper into the water.

For those looking for refreshments, there is a beach bar on the right-hand side that serves snacks, coffee, and water. Additionally, sun loungers are available for rent. However, there is a significant stretch of the beach that remains unoccupied, with only a few trees for shade.

Best places to eat and drink on Milos

O! Hamos

This has to be the best restaurant on the island. It is located down not too far from the port. The restaurant is very nice and has a cosy feel to it and the wait staff are great.

All of the produce is locally produced serving traditional food from the island.

its so good, we go there multiple times when visiting Milos.


Another gem on the island serving beautiful fresh seafood. The honey saganaki cheese is perfection along with the octopus and the view while you dine caps of a great food experience.