Feb 17, 2023

When it comes to the culinary scene, Athens is a city that is often overshadowed by other European capitals such as Paris or Rome. However, for those in the know, Athens has a food scene that is both diverse and delicious. From traditional Greek dishes to modern fusion cuisine, there is something to satisfy every palate.


Ariston Bakery

Located in central Athens  in the suburb of Syntagma this bakery is a must visit. Once seeing the changing of the Evzones guard just a few minutes from parliament house is Ariston Bakery. Here you can get the classic tiropita (cheese in pastry) or the classic spanakopita (spinach and cheese in pastry).

Souvlaki Pita

Souvlaki and pita, you won't have a problem trying to find it while in Athens, but finding the right one should be the aim! To eat like a true local order yourself a souvlaki pita or how the Athenians call it, kalamaki pita. This way you will will have souvlaki wrapped in pita with all the trimmings (tzatziki, tomato and onion).

Some places to visit while in Athens for a quick bite on the run.


In central Athens, a must is Kosta's. They are known for their souvlakia wrapped in pita with red sauce. Its one of, if not the best in Athens.

Kostas location:

Gour Gour

If you find yourself in the Pagrati / Hilton area this local souvlaki place is a must.

Gour Gour location:

Lefteris O Politis

If you visit the National Archaeological Museum in Exarcheia, this souvlakia shop is a must. Its been open since 1951 and is a hotspot for locals.

Lefteris O Politis location:


A great local seafood restaurant in the central suburb of Psyrri, is Atlanticos. Over the years this place was just for the locals of Athens, but over time it has become a hot spot for tourists as well.

The restaurant has expanded over the years but the quality of food has not dropped at all.

They are known for their grilled seabass, garlic dip, and fried calamari. Also try their raki, its great with ice and to sip with your food.

Address: Greece, Avliton 7, Athina 105 54, Greece

Modern Greek


Feedel is located in Monasteraki (central Athens). Its modern Greek food served in meze style (sharing plates). They have a great cocktail, beer and wine list to match their menu.



One of the best restaurants to open in the last 12 months. Again, Tsiftis is meze food so sharing is a must. Their wine list is great as well. This is a must visit!


Ama Lachei

Located in the the Exarcheia area, its a great restaurant serving one of the best Fava dips in Athens. They have a great selection of wines and their raki and tsipouro are the best around.


For the above restaurants and others you want to dine at, make sure you book in advanced during summer.

Coffee and Dessert


Along with souvlakia, baklava is everywhere. There are various types but a must try are the small baklava covered in walnuts. You cant go wrong!


A crispy phyllo pastry dessert that can be filled with custard, cheese or mince. Its usually served with custard or 'crema' filling sprinkled with icing sugar. It goes a treat with a Freddo Espresso.


When in Athens the coffee of choice (especially in summer) is the Freddo. It comes in 2 versions. With milk (Freddo Cappuccino) or Freddo Espresso (straight espresso). Both versions of the coffee are whipped which creates a nice light drink.

If you have sugar with your coffee there are 3 usual sayings when ordering:
 sketo - no sugar, metrio - medium sugar, glyko - sweet

For more information about coffee in Greece, we have written an article which you can read here