Mar 06, 2023

Greece has a unique coffee culture that has been deeply ingrained in the daily lives of the Greeks for centuries. Coffee is not just a drink to them, but rather a social ritual that brings people together.

The Greeks take their coffee very seriously and enjoy it in a leisurely manner, savouring each sip. In fact, it's not uncommon to see people spend hours at a cafe, enjoying their coffee while chatting with friends or reading a book.

We have put together a list of coffees you might like to try while roaming the streets of Athens or relaxing on a beach in Santorini.

Greek Coffee (Ellinikos Kafes)

Greek coffee, also known as Ellinikos Kafes, is a traditional coffee that has been enjoyed in Greece for centuries. It's a strong coffee that is brewed in a briki (a small copper or brass pot) and served in a demitasse cup.

The coffee is made by boiling water and finely ground coffee beans together, resulting in a thick and frothy brew. It's often served with a glass of water to cleanse the palate between sips.

If you are lucky enough and the stars align, you might get someone to read your coffee cup.

This is done but turning your coffee cup upside down and allowing the remaining coffee to run down the cup. After a few minutes the coffee reader will turn over your cup and read the markings along the side of the cup. Mostly, the readings tell of your future fortunes (good and bad!).

Freddo Espresso

Is made by brewing espresso, whipping it to create a froth and then pouring it over ice.

Its a mighty strong coffee that has 2 shots of espresso. To take off the edge the barista will usually ask how sweet you will like your freddo espresso.

The coffee sweetness can come in 3 versions: Sketo (no sugar), Metrio (medium sugar), Glyko (sweet).

If you find that metrio (medium) is still to sweet just ask the barista to reduce the sugar content.

Freddo Cappuccino

The freddo cappuccino follows the same process as the freddo espresso, but instead of being straight espresso that is whipped, milk is whipped to create a nice fluffy milky top that is then poured on top of the espresso.

Again, with adding sugar to your coffee follow the 3 options, Sketo (no sugar), metrio (medium sugar), Glyko (sweet).

Greek Cold Brew

A new addition to the Greek coffee scene. If you love your cold brew visit Taf which is located in the city centre or Carpo Coffee.

They both have a great selection and make a great cold brew.


As the coffee scene has grown throughout Greece the good old Frappé has slowly been taking a back seat. The use of espresso coffee has taken over, the frappé is slowly disappearing from coffee menus. 

It's a cold coffee that is made by mixing instant coffee, sugar, and water in a shaker until it becomes frothy. It's then poured over ice. Again follow the same principal as the freddo's when asking for sugar!

If you are after a traditional coffee, never fear, these are also available from most cafes around Greece.