Discover Agistri Island: A Hidden Greek Paradise

Discover Agistri Island: A Hidden Greek Paradise

Jul 12, 2023

Agistri island is a verdant and picturesque island that exudes a serene and unspoiled aura despite its close proximity to the bustling city of Athens. It is part of the Saronic gulf of Greek islands, which includes Poros, Aegina, Spetses, and Hydra, all just a short distance from Athens. This makes Agistri a great base for island-hopping adventures.

Despite its proximity to Athens, Agistri boasts a peaceful atmosphere and incredible natural beauty, including stunning beaches and opportunities for outdoor activities. The island also boasts a unique nightlife scene, making it a great all-around destination for travellers seeking a combination of relaxation and excitement.

How to get to Agistri from Athens

For those seeking a quick escape from the city, Agistri is one of the best Greek islands to visit.


Agistri has a convenient ferry connection with Athens, with daily departures from Piraeus port. The duration of the trip varies from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the type of ferry you choose, either a regular or a high-speed one.

Additionally, Agistri is connected by ferry to Aegina, providing visitors with another nearby island to explore.

Ticket price

Ferry tickets cost €20 per person, for a return trip.


Transport on the island

Exploring the region through public transportation is an affordable and enjoyable way to experience Agistri. Buses depart from Skala with routes leading to Megalochori (Myli), Dragonera, Limenaria, and Aponissos.

Car and Motorcycle Rentals:

To explore the island at your own pace and access the most secluded spots, renting a car or motorcycle is an excellent idea. Several car rental agencies are available in Agistri for your convenience.

A better idea to save you time, its best to hire your vehicle from Athens and take it over on the ferry.


For easy and fast transfers to your destination, taxis are readily available in central spots. A friendly warning, there is only 1 taxi company on the island so when you visit Agistri it may be a good idea to book your taxi ahead of time to pick you up from one of the 2 ports on the island.

Tourist Train

Joining a memorable trip on a lovely tourist train is a must-do to see Agistri at its best. The train departs from Skala and heads towards Megalochori (Myli) and Dragonera.

Water Taxis

Water taxis are another option for traveling around Agistri and nearby locations. To arrange a water taxi, it's recommended to book in advance.

You can call "Jamaica" water taxi in Megalochori at 0030 694 4535 659 or "Poseidon" water taxi in Skala at 0030 697 2229 720.


There is a bus that takes you around the island and stops at all the major ports and beaches.

The bus runs on an hourly basis. When booking your ferry its best to arrive at the Skala port to catch the bus.

Agistri beaches

Chalikiada Beach

One of the many treasures of the Island is the secluded pebbled beach of Chalikiada. This beach is located in the area of Limenaria village, 4km southwest of Megalochori, accessible by road from or through a pinewood area from the settlement of Skliri.

The beach offers privacy and tranquility, making it a popular option for nudists. However, reaching the beach requires climbing a cliff, which adds to its exclusivity.


The difficult access also means that the beach is not equipped with any facilities. Visitors are advised to bring their own supplies, including food, water, sunbeds, and umbrellas.

Aponissos Beach

If you're looking for a true slice of paradise on Agistri, then look no further than Aponisos beach. Located on the west coast, 8km from Megalochori, this stunning spot is well worth the journey to get there. To reach Aponissos, follow the road through Limenaria village and look out for the salt flats. After crossing a rocky causeway, you'll find yourself in a breathtaking natural setting with crystal-clear waters.


Aponissos is particularly popular with yacht owners, who are drawn to the pristine surroundings and idyllic scenery. But even if you're not a sailor, this beach is still well worth a visit.

During the spring and summer months, the beach is organised and there's a traditional taverna serving up delicious local fare, with stunning views of the bay and its offshore islets.

To get to there, you can take the bus from Skala or Megalochori, or hire a bike to explore the island at your leisure. There's also one taxi on the island, which can be a convenient option for those short on time.

Skala Beach

Located just a few kilometres from the village, it is a favourite destination for both solo travelers and families with children.

The beach is organised and is surrounded by hotels and tavernas, so if having some souvlaki and a beer while relaxing on a sun bed is what you are after, then this beach is for you.

Dragonera Beach

Tucked away on the west coast of Agistri, approximately 3 km south-west of Megalochori, the beach is a hidden gem that remains largely untouched by tourism. The beach is situated between Megalochori and Limenaria, accessible via a road that stretches for 205 yards, leading to a glade.

Unlike some of the more popular beaches on the island, Dragonera is quiet and peaceful, with just one tavern and a few sunbeds dotting the shore. The music played is usually laid-back, adding to the relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to its secluded location, the beach doesn't tend to get too crowded, making it a great option for those who value solitude.

Visitors can enjoy swimming in crystal-clear waters while taking in the natural beauty of their surroundings. The beach is accessible by taxi or bus, followed by a short walk.

Agistri Restaurants and bars


This gem is located on the corner of the Megalochori harbour, boasting the best view in town. Savour delicious homemade dishes while relaxing on the balcony, open all day for breakfast, lunch, dinner.


Nestled in the heart of Skala, along the coastal road to Megalochori, lies Pizzeria "Avli". This pizza restaurant is the perfect spot for those craving traditional Italian flavors in a warm and inviting setting.

To Agkistri

For over two decades, To Agkistri has been a beloved family-owned tavern-ouzeri situated in the heart of Skala. Overlooking the serene blue waters of the Saronic Gulf, this spot is a perfect spot to soak up the Mediterranean vibes.

Enjoy authentic Greek flavors with a variety of handmade mezedes and delicacies, as well as meat dishes, fresh seafood, pasta, and casserole recipes cooked with olive oil. This is a must visit!

Copa Cabana

A beachfront bar with a chic and elegant ambiance, setting it apart from the noisy hubs of other islands. Its unique blend of 50's and 60's jazz creates an ultimate atmosphere to unwind. In the summer, you can relax on the beach chairs, take a refreshing swim, and savour your favourite drink, including their signature cocktails.

Agistri Accommodation

Rosy's Little Village

This retreat getaway located in Skliri is an ideal spot for enjoying great nature, solitude, relaxation, and greenery. Agistri is still unspoiled, it has lovely beaches and many secluded coves.

Abatis Hotel


This 2 star hotel located Megalochori has some of the best views on the island.

Hotel Dionysos

Situated on the outskirts of Skala, the hotel sits in a peaceful part of the island offering breathtaking views of the sea and of the Aegina island.

Things to do on Agistri

What would a travel guide be without things to do on Agistri island.

The island is best for total relaxation. The waters around the island are some of the best of the Salamis islands so the best thing to do is swim, eat, drink and repeat.

The island does have some hiking trails, but are best done out of summer as the Agistri weather during this period will be hitting close to 40 degrees (celsius).



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