Discover Schinoussa Island: A tiny Greek island in the Aegean Sea

Discover Schinoussa Island: A tiny Greek island in the Aegean Sea

Jul 18, 2023

Discover the charming Greek island of Schinoussa, nestled to the south of Naxos and part of the Small Cyclades island group. It's a little off the beaten path, away from the usual tourist spots, making it a perfect hidden getaway for nature lovers.


Schinoussa's untouched beauty will make you want to stay forever, as you will you see some amazing beaches and sunsets.

How to get to Schinoussa island 

By Ferry

You can get to Schinoussa island by jumping on a ferry at Piraeus port in Athens. The trip will take you around 6 hours and will cost €52 one way.


A quicker way to the island would be to catch a ferry from Piraeus to Naxos, then grab a ferry from Naxos to Schinoussa!

By Plane

Flying Is an option but not directly to Schinoussa. You will need to fly from Athens to Naxos which will take around 45-50 minutes. Once you arrive in Naxos, you are then able to catch a ferry to Schinoussa.

Keep in mind the Airport is 3km from the port of Naxos so make sure you have a transfer booked!

Best things to do in Schinoussa

As Schinoussa is a small island there is not much to do on the island but relax, find a beach and swim the days away.

Best Beaches on the island of Schinoussa

Psili Ammos


Located 2km north east of chora, the beach is in a secluded bay. It is the most popular beach on the island as it boast crystal clear waters and a sandy beach front.

For shade there are some large trees you can set up your towels under.



Located 2km north of chora, this unorganised beach that has blue waters inviting you in for a swim. Being unorganised you will need to bring umbrellas, towels, food and drink as the beach is secluded.



Located 2km south west of chora, this pebble beach is also not organised. This is a favourite spot to visit as the beach has some of the best waters that the Aegean sea has to offer. 

It can be a bit difficult to reach the beach as the road for cars stops dead. You will need to walk a short distance to reach the beach.



Located 4km south of chora this beach is sandy with plenty of trees to grab some shade - the beach is not organised so the trees will be your best friend!

How to get around the island of Schinoussa

There is no public bus service on the island but there are a few ways to get around the island:

By Car

You can bring your own car to the island via ferry, or you can hire a car or a bike at one of the car rental places in Mersini.

By Foot

As the island is small, it is very easy to get around by foot. The only problem with this is the heat. During summer temperatures can push to 40 so its best to travel by foot early morning or late afternoon.

Hotel Shuttle Bus

Most hotels have a shuttle bus that can drop you off to a beach of your choice.

Boat tour

At the port you will find boat tours which will take you around the coast of Schinoussa and other close islands.

Best bars & restaurants on Schinoussa


Located in the town of Messaria, the restaurant serves beautiful Greek food with all of the produce locally grown. The restaurant has a great view of the Aegean Sea, a perfect setting for a great dinner!


Located in the main village Nikolas serves traditional Greek food right on the seafront. It is the perfect setting for a great dinner as you look out to the sea and the whitewashed houses.

The restaurant specialises in seafood, especially their freshly caught fish of the day


Located in Lioliou, the souther part of the island, this restaurant is renowned for serving great seafood dishes with locally grown vegetables.

The restaurant has a great view of Loiloiu beach.


Located at a 15 minute walk from chora, Vrachos is where you want to go to have a drink, listening to music and dance the night away!

You feel like you are walking to the middle of nowhere but you will soon see the lights of the bar the locals out the front having a drink!