Discover Nea Styra in Evia - the perfect getaway from Athens!

Discover Nea Styra in Evia - the perfect getaway from Athens!

Jul 24, 2023

The island of Evia, Greece’s second largest island after Crete, offers gorgeous beaches, traditional villages, and breathtaking landscapes. On the southeastern coast of Evia lies the charming seaside town of Nea Styra (Nea Stira), known for its beautiful beaches, delicious seafood tavernas, and relaxing atmosphere. 

Nea Styra is the perfect getaway thats not too far away from the city of Athens and mainland Greece.

How to get to Nea Styra

By Car

From Athens Ne Styra is best reached by driving to Agia Marina port just outside of Athens. This drive will take you around an hour.

At the port you will jump on to a ferry which takes 20 minutes. 


This is the easiest way to get to Nea Styra. If you come via Chalkida, it will take you longer, due to the poor roads from Chalkida to Nea Styra.

How to get around Nea Styra

By Car

The best way around the island is to bring a car with you. As Nea Styra is a nice getaway it is limited in the resources they have. If you are staying at one of the hotels in the village, it is best to ask the front desk on where you can hire a car from.

By Taxi

There is a taxis service, but you will either have to grab them at the port, or ask your hotel or one of the locals for their number to book them!

Best beaches on and around Nea Styra

Marathonas Beach


Located just 2km from Nea Styra, this beach has sun beds, umbrellas and a taverna for you to eat at. It is sandy beach and has a beach bar where you can order food and drinks.

Agios Dimitrios Beach


This long sandy beach is not organised, so take your umbrella, towels and food with you for the day. Even though the beach is not organised it does have some beautiful waters to swim in.

The beach is located around a 10 minute drive north from Nea Styra

Limnionas Beach


Located north east from Nea Styra and is around a 15 minute drive from the port, this has to be one of the best beaches in the area. It was once a non-organised beach with 1 taverna, but now with its popularity part of the beach is organised and there are a few more options for you to choose from for food and drink.

Korasida Beach


Located on the western part of Nea Styra. The beach is not organised but its sand and crystal clear waters is what makes this beach a worthy visit.

The beach is sandy with pebbles and is large enough that you can have your own space for the day.

The beach is not organised, so you will have to bring everything you will need for the day.

Best Bars and Restaurants in Nea Styra


At the end of the walk way along the beach of Nea Styra is Akrogiali. A great seafood restaurant serving traditional Greek seafood. The location is perfect as the restaurant is right on the waters edge, and is a perfect place to watch the sun set.

Georges Taverna

Located a short drive inland from Nea Styra is Georges taverna, serving some of the best lamb chops in the area. The restaurant is close to the village of Kellia, and sits on top of a mountain with a great view looking down to Styra and Nea Styra.


Another place that serves grilled meat, is called Reouzi - its in the next village over from Georges Taverna, and there is a fight between the locals on who has the best grilled meats.

Having eaten at both, I cant tell you which ones better, as they were both delicious.


About a 45 minute drive south from Nea Styra is a village called Karystos - probably one of the best restaurants in southern Evia. The restaurant serves modern Greek food with the emphasis being the seafood.

They have a great selection of wines and the staff are attentive and helpful.

When you book, ask to sit out the back outside. As the restaurant is built in a traditional stone Greek structure, the outside section of the restaurant adds to the experience.

Its a bit more expensive that most restaurants on the island, but it is well worth a visit.

Coralli seafood

Just a short walk south from the port of Nea Styra (along the water) sites the beautiful seafood restaurant. Visiting this restaurant is a must, you wont be disappointed with their selection of seafood.


Right next to Coralli restaurant is Sardelitsa. Another great seafood restaurant in the heart of Nea Styra. It has been voted number 1 seafood restaurant in the village and serves some of the best seafood dishes to back this up!

The staff are great and the view is beautiful!

ANCORA del Puerto

After you seafood dinner at Coralli or Sardelista, walk a little further down along the seafront and you will find this great cocktail bar. The staff are great and the people behind the bar no how to mix a drink!

A perfect way to finish of your night - or it could be the start of it!

Best of Nea Styra hotels and Apartments

Studios Kondilia

Situated just behind the port are these new and clean studio apartments. They are spacious and are in the heart of the village, so it is easy to go for a swim, grab your coffee and relax for the day!

Hotel Delfini

A beautiful hotel located right on the seafront. The rooms are nice, clean and the rooms face out to the sea. This hotel is the perfect spot for a couple or for a family. The location is close to everything you need.

Sunday Hotel

Another hotel on the seafront that has great access to the beach. The rooms are fine and the staff are helpful. The restaurant in the hotel is ok, but with so many options outside your door, why would you stay in your hotel!