Porto Rafti: The alternative to the Athens Riviera in Greece

Porto Rafti: The alternative to the Athens Riviera in Greece

Jul 26, 2023

Hardly heard of just a decade ago, Porto Rafti is now gaining fame as an authentic slice of Greek village life. As word spreads about this once hidden gem, it's quickly being discovered by more independent travellers seeking an alternative to crowded islands and tourist traps.

Porto Rafti sits in east Attica and is a short drive from central Athens. It is a great alternative to the Athens Riviera boasting excellent swimming waters, sandy beaches, sun-beds, umbrellas and every type of food you could want.

How to get to Porto Rafti

 From Athens

Getting to Porto Rafti from the centre of Athens takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. It is all dependent on what time of day you leave and how bad the traffic is.

The drive is crossing over the Attika region towards the eastern coast of the region. It is an easy drive with the nice roads.

There is a toll of €2.80 each way.

Best beach to swim at in Porto Rafti

Paralia Agios Spiridonas

The main beach at the end of Porto Rafti is well organised with umbrellas, sun-beds and food.  The beach is sandy and the water is crystal clear.

The water on the east coast of Attica is really clean and perfect for swimming.

Umbrellas are €10. 


Located around the corner from Paralia Agios Spiridonas, this beach has the same perfect waters, and great food, but the beach is not organised, so you will need to bring your own umbrella and beach seats.



At the opposite side of Porto Rafti is Nakal. A more upmarket beach bar that has the island experience with a far less price tag. Excellent place to eat and swim at.

The beach is well organised.

Best restaurants to eat at in Porto Rafti

Ηπειρώτικος Φούρνος

On the way to the beach you will drive by the best bakery in the area. Make sure to stop at this place and pick up a spanakopita or two!


A great restaurant serving some of the best Greek food in the area. The restaurant serves traditional Greek food, and a great view of the beach.

 Kazba Bar Kouzina

A bar that sits across from the beach with a fantastic fit out. The food is seafood based which is great, but where the bar goes the extra step, are their cocktails. Excellent cocktail menu and made to perfection. Coupled with a fantastic view and great staff, this is a must visit when in Porto Rafti!

 if you're planning a trip to Greece, consider adding this coastal village to your itinerary. With its laidback vibe, delicious cuisine, and stunning sea setting, Porto Rafti offers an authentic Greek experience and the perfect alternative to the Athenian Riviera.