Experience the charm of Mets, Athens - A local’s guide

Experience the charm of Mets, Athens - A local’s guide

May 25, 2023

Mets is a picturesque neighbourhood located behind Kallimarmaro Stadium, also known as the Panathenaic Stadium. The name Mets comes from the brasserie that Charles Fix opened in 1872.

The brewery was named after the town of Mets in France where the last battle between the French and Germans took place in 1871. Mets is known for its sophisticated atmosphere and beautiful neoclassical mansions. 


The neighbourhood is perfect for a leisurely stroll under the shade of trees, reading a book at one of its beautiful parks, and experiencing vintage Athens. 

The two most beautiful streets in Mets are Markou Mousourou Street and Anapafseos Street, both lined with neoclassical buildings.

As Mets mostly sits on top of a hill, most roof tops of houses will have a view of not only the sea but also of the Acropolis.

Mets is home to many artists and is often referred to as the “Montmartre of Athens”. In addition to the historic buildings in the neighbourhood, there are several places of interest within walking distance. 

These include the ancient Panathenaic Stadium, the Temple of Artemis Agrotera, and the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

Don’t miss a visit to the First Cemetery of Athens where you can see impressive sculptures and mausoleums.

Finally, Mets has some amazing places for coffee, drinks, lunch or dinner!

How to get to Mets

By Foot: 

As Mets is located in a central area of Athens, it can be easily reached on foot Syntagma Square or even while you are visiting the Temple of Zeus. As the suburb sits just behind the archaeological site, a short 10 minute walk and you will in sipping on a coffee in one of the cafes.

By bus/trolleybus: Since Mets is located in a central area of Athens, there are many buses that stop nearby. Check the routes and the official timetables on OASA Telematics.

Best things to see in Metz

The 2 main attractions in Metz are the Panathenaic Stadium and Athens first cemetery. 

For a in-depth look in to the Panathenaic Stadium, take a look at our blog post on this fantastic stadium: The Panathenaic Stadium

Athens First Cemetery

Now this sounds like a morbid way to spend your time, but being the first cemetery in Athens, the cemetery has some impressive sculptures and mausoleums. Plus the square just outside the cemetery has a few little cafes you can take grab a drink at. Its a really peaceful part of the suburb.


Best bars and restaurants in Mets


Odeon Cafe is located on Markou Mousourou street behind Kallimarmaro Stadium. The cafe’s decor is reminiscent of a Parisian cafe-bar with black and white posters of old theatrical performances and marble tables.

The cafe also features jazz music which adds to the nostalgic atmosphere.


 Odeon Cafe is pet-friendly and you can enjoy your coffee in the morning or have a drink behind the cafe’s big windows while enjoying the company of your four-legged friend.

On occasions, live music is also played at the cafe.


Lcoated on Anapafseos street, Kain serves up some great cocktails and music at night, and some of the best coffee during the day. The staff are great and friendly and I am sure you will have a great time to visit. 

Kain is a very popular place for the local Athenian people and is rammed from Thursday night all across the weekend (almost all weekends!).

Le Bar Bodega

This great bar is located in Ardittou street. A nice cozy bar serving great cocktails playing both Greek and western music.

Banana Athens

If a late night of drinking and dancing is what you are after, then the outdoor club Banana is for you. It is a great party club which makes you feel like you partying the night away on a Greek island.



One of the best restaurants in Athens. Fine dining and beautiful food. Spondi delivers a gastronomic experience.  Excellent service and atmosphere. Its at the high end, but you will not be disappointed.

Joshua Tree Cafe

If you are after some great vegan food, then Joshua Tree is your place. Its the new hot spot not only in Mets, but in Athens. Located on Anapafseos Street, Joshua Tree is a must visit if you are after a healthy vegan menu.