Explore Psiri: Athens Vibrant Neighbourhood and Nightlife Hub

Explore Psiri: Athens Vibrant Neighbourhood and Nightlife Hub

May 23, 2023

Psyrri, Psiri, or Psirri, is one of the oldest suburbs of Athens which today is small but packs a punch. Its size once took over the neighbouring suburbs of Plaka and Monastiraki, but throughout the early 20th century with  gangs roaming the streets, the size of the suburb was reduced to combat the crime and drug use.

Before gentrification set in to the area, the suburb was full of leather workshops and other artisan small businesses. As they have shut up shop, the area has become a hub for boutique cafes, restaurants, street art and of course great live music and nightlife.

Over the last decade this now popular tourist neighbourhood has truly transformed in to a suburb where tourists not only visit, but, will spend the day eating and drinking in and around Iroon Square.

A decade ago, Psyrri, still cool, was a little more rough around the edges. It was the trendy part of the central Athens, where you weren’t sure how your night was going to end up, or who or what you would see, especially around the metro station.

Where is Psiri?

Blink and you will miss it! The suburb sits in a small pocket next to Monasteraki. One of the ways to know you are in Psiri is when you hit the family friendly Little Kook. A cafe / restaurant that is decorated to fit in with a Alice in Wonderland movie.

We have provided a map of Psiri below so you can see exactly where the suburb is.


Things to do in Psiri

Restaurants and bars

For me Psiri is split in to 2 parts. The first part of the suburb is where the restaurants are. These are situated on or near Iroon Square. Here you will be spoilt for choice. Restaurants such as Atlantikos, Mini bar and The Bell are well worth the visit.


The second part of the suburb is where the drinking and music happens. its not too far away from the square, but lays close to the metro. This part of the area is full of places to drink the night away. For a late night snack visit a pizza shop called Crust. Ask them about their club downstairs. They will show you the secrete door to the mini club they hide. 

A must visit is a favourite spot for the locals is a cafe / bar called Psyrra.

Another bar that is a popular venue for the locals is Juan Rodriguez Bar. The bar itself is pretty small inside, but pull up a crate out the front of the bar and drink and doge the cars coming up the street.

A street that was once a drug den, has now become the hot spot of the suburb. Just around the corner is Melanthiou Street. It is the best street in Psyrri.

Here you will find some really nice cafes serving great food and drinks. Make sure to visit Handlebar. This is the place that started it all on the street. Great food and great staff!


Street Art

Around the neighbourhood you will find some great street art. The peak of the street art in the area was around 5 years ago, but today you are able to take street art tours where you will still find some pieces of magic.


Some of the most popular spots for street art include Louka Nika Street, Sarri Street, and Riga Palamidou Street

Visit the Kerameikos Cemetery

Just sitting on the outskirts of the suburb is Visit the Kerameikos Cemetery. It is one of the most important archaeological sites in Athens and is home to the remains of many famous Athenians, including Socrates and Pericles.

There really isnt much more to write about Psyrri. The best suggestion to give is, go visit the area, walk around the streets and stop and a cafe or restaurant that takes your interest. Go for a walk to some of the shops that are there, then wander in to a bar. Rinse and repeat. You will see soon see why this suburb is a favourite not only for locals and but tourists as well.