Mar 13, 2023

Psara is a small island located in the Aegean Sea, that sits off the coast of the the island of Chios. Despite its small size, Psara boasts a rich history, unique culture, and stunning natural beauty. If you are looking to switch off from the world, then Psara is the island for you.

Psara only has 1 village. You guessed it. Its called Psara!

Getting There

Ferry: The easiest way to get to Psara is by a ferry from Chios. With the island being so remote, the ferries do not run consistently so its best to check via for times and prices. Usually a one-way ticket will cost around €9 and the trip will take 2hrs and 40 minutes.

Plane: If you are in Athens and do not want to spend hours on a ferry going to Psara via Chios, direct flights to Chios are available. Once in Chios you can jump on the ferry for Psar. The flights are from €80 one way per person and will take 50 minutes.


Agia Kyriaki: Located on the east side of the island, a sandy beach that boasts crystal clear waters. It is secluded which means it is not organised. So, when visiting this beach make sure to bring everything you need for the day!

Kato Gialos: Located south of Psara village, this beach is both sand and pebbles. There are a few umbrellas and deck chairs on the beach but I would suggest you take your own though, just to be on the safe side.

Limnos: Located south of the village, this is a long sandy beach. It is not organised, so you will have to bring your own unberlla, towel and food for the day.

Lakka: Located on the west side of the island - this beach boasts a beautful large stretch of sandy beach. As with almost all the beaches on Psara, it is not organised so grab that umbrella and towel and enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters of Lakka beach.

Island Transport

There is no public transport on the island. Your best way to travel around the island is to hire a car from another island (Chios for example) and take it over via the ferry. Some tips on hiring a car in Greece can be found in our article here: The article outlines the paperwork needed and few tips to help you along with your travels.

If cars are not your thing, hiking or walking around the island is possible, but during the summer months the heat may be an issue. If so, you can always ask your hotel if they have any transport options.

Where to eat

Spitalia: Located in the village (of course), this restaurants specialities are the lobster pasta and the lamb.

Sirokos cafe: A great cafe place for breakfast and lunch. After having something to eat, their shop is great if you are on the lookout for souvenirs.

Things to do

Archontiki Mycenaean Settlement: The Archontiki archaeological site on Psara Island is home to a Mycenaean settlement and cemetery that stretch along the seashore. While parts of the settlement and tombs are underwater, excavated artefacts from the 20th century are preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Chios.

Palaiokastro, the Mavri Rachi of Psara: The historic rock of Mavri Rachi is located to the west of the port of Psara and is of great symbolic significance to the island. It was the site of a fierce battle where thousands of people died heroically during the Ottoman assault of 1824. A monument now stands on the spot to honour the sacrifice of the fighters of Psara.

The Temple of Agios Nikolaos and the Statue of Kanaris: The magnificent temple, dedicated to Saint Nikolaos, was built from 1785 to 1793 and stands at 28 meters long, 14 meters wide, and 28 meters high with 51 windows and seven doors. Destroyed during the 1824 catastrophe, the temple was rebuilt in 1863 and has recently been restored. The church also houses the statue of Konstantinos Kanaris, a hero of the Greek War of Independence, which marks the exact location of his house.

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